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Kid Red – Fool Wit It (ft. Chris Brown)
[Ben J]
I walked in the function with dark black shades on
Ice cream jacket and my hat says amazing
I'm a cool cat, but I'm about my money
I'm an urban nigga, hopped out and do the dougie
Fresh as a wanna be, do what I wanna do
2 bad models fighting over me like what it do
I'ma pick this one or I'ma pic that one
The chick so bad, so I'ma take action

[Hook 1]
(Oh you're cute) I know I know
I get that pretty much where ever I go I go
See baby, I'm a rock star, everybody love me
My friends call me cocky, but you can call me Dougie
Dougie dougie dougie
Baby, call me dougie dougie dougie
You could call me dougie dougie dougie
Baby, watch me dougie dougie

[Verse 2: Legacy]
Nac nac noob, wrists frozen
Z-Shock on, my chicks foreign
Excuse me, miss, Roxanne Roxanne
I beat it so loud you think I'm a rock band, No Marilyn
Veteran at this rap shit, no Federline, never him
Trying to tag I, you gon’ need a spray can
’Cause y'all like seeing me, better clean your Ray Bans
Celebrating stuff like a holiday, word up
Travis Porter in the club, all the way turned up
Get it while you can, ma, ’cause we go fast
Don't be thinking I ain't looking Legacy yo ass
When I met her we be talking bout our blind date
She was like, "Oh let’s Do It" Waka Flocka my state
I might wipe her up long as shawty cooking right
Hit the 21 and up clubs and they be looking like

[Hook 1]

[Verse 3: Chris Brown]
I'm turned up in the function, I'ma yell that
I'm going dumb with my niggas, where the melts at?
This big girl she bouncing on my pogo
She a fool with it, clowning; Bozo
Nigga, yeah, we popping
And I do my dougie, I ain't talking beat-boxing
Skinny jeans, guitar swag, we rocking
Bet you can't do it like me, boy stop it
I'm the Big Bambino
Swimming in these women like a Dolphin; Dan Marino
Like the Eve song, go and get your tambourine on
Haters you ain't gotta like me though
’Cause I got money
Power Ranger flow and y'all niggas straight putty
It's your boy, Chris rock, but the nigga ain't funny
D-O-U-G-I-E, dougie

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2]
Oh you're kind of cute, girl, can I get yo name?
(Call me dougie) Hit her friend up and asked the same thing
(Call me dougie) Put my number in the phone and I said
(Call me dougie) Then I walked away and went to hit my
Baby, call me dougie dougie dougie
Call me
Call me dougie dougie dougie
Call me

[Hook 1]
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